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"Good Taste" Wine Class

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A guided tasting featuring natural wines from David Mayfield Selections and vintage vinyl records presented by Vinyl Collector and Wine Professional Cory Martin (aka @coryballs on instagram).


Mayfield Selections has been importing and distributing natural wines in Texas for over a decade.The wines they source come from small, family-owned growers. Production is old-school, labour is intense, and everything in the vineyard is done carefully, intentionally, and by hand.


The thread that ties each of these growers together is their conviction that transparency is better, and the way they strive to produce wines that reflect the places they're grown, and honor the groundwork of those who laboured before.


Cory Martin has also been pouring and vigorously advocating for wines of intention from earnest winemakers for over a decade in Texas in restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, and dimly lit parking lots. He more recently developed the personality flaw of coveting impractical physical media (vinyl records).


He will combine these two quixotic pursuits in a guided tasting experience on Wednesday, March 13th at Un Caffe!

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"Good Taste" Wine Class Sale price$5.00