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Article: Un Caffe

Un Caffe

Un Caffe

If you’re looking for well-crafted and extraordinary coffee, that means you need Un Caffe. You will find Un Caffe on the corner of Milam and Elgin Street. Although we were unfamiliar with Midtown in Houston, Texas we found it easily since it was the busiest establishment on the block. Walking in you sense the chilled ambiance and it lures you even further. Notably, the creative hard working locals filled the sleek café with their laptops and lattes. Un Caffe is not like most coffee shops that encourage a quick turnaround.

The chic menu is lined with distinctive names of coffee. My eyes were all over the menu trying to narrow down my choice. I was eager to order the massive-sized buttery croissants. I knew I couldn’t go home empty handed so I ordered two buttery croissants, a huge chocolate chip cookie, and two almond scones to enjoy and take.

Being Dairy sensitive, I went with a Vanilla iced coffee. The owner of Un Caffe said it was made of oat milk. The odd part is I don’t care for vanilla flavor in coffee. I had a vanilla iced brew at a different shop before and I literally couldn’t drink it. Since then, I’ve never had it again. With so many exciting flavors, I’d rather not go the vanilla route. However, the vibe you get from this place and the fact that it was coming from Un Caffe coffee specialist and owner Soonkack Kook himself, I knew I could totally trust him so I went with it.

The decor and merchandise were lined all around the cafe on the walls and shelves with bagged coffee. Also, Squid games funko pop a nod to Soon’s Korean heritage. There are store-bought staples for kids (Minute Maid juice boxes and Kirkland’s applesauce). The croissants were from a local bakery called Love Croissants, which complimented well with the coffee.

Soon after we sat down, our coffee was served. The fact that they use actual plates, cups, mugs, and silverware sets a tone that un caffe intends for their guests to stay a while to enjoy the quality of their drinks.

Gilbert Medrano and his wife Nanette, ordered the Citus Iced Americano and a cold brew. The Citus Iced Americano literally looked like an iced tea. Crisp and refreshing it had a non-coffee drinker such as Gilbert enjoying his brew. He said, “At first it tasted like iced coffee and then as the citrus started to flux, the coffee transformed into a citrus cold orange juice with a hint of the coffee taste.” Nanette ordered a cold brew. She said, “It didn’t need any sweetener, the coffee beans they used to brew are smooth. Not too bold or acidic.”

My other friend, Gail had the same however her daughter Toni, had Affogato, which is known as an Italian coffee-based dessert. In a coffee cup, was her heaping scoop of ice cream and drowning in a hot shot of espresso. I’d imagine it was good since she didn’t offer me a taste, lol. I loved the added grated chocolate on top. Those details really made our visit extra special.

I sipped on my delicate and smooth latte, It was the perfect blend and the sweetness of the vanilla did not take away from the coffee flavor. I began to eat some of the chocolate chip cookies. It was a sweet pairing and I felt like a kid again. The almond scone brought back memories of a Mexican pan dulce that I had as a child. My croissant came around the counter straight out of the toaster oven, so warm and flaky. Again, another detail to enhance our experience. We felt spoiled and thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday talking about the future plans of our children all the while enjoying top-of-line coffee and pastries in Mid-town of Houston, Texas.

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